3 Skills that Resort Candidates Can’t Fake

3 Skills that Resort Candidates Can’t Fake

It is well known that working in the hospitality industry is not easy at all, it includes long working hours, complex clients and long days.

Hence, recruiting for resorts is not easy, no matter the position you are looking for –could be top executive or a service position, they are several skills that can’t be fake to offer a proper service and traits that as a recruiter must look for – no matter if it is for a 5-diamond hotel or a chain resort.

Time Flexibility
To work in the hospitality industry, it is for sure that no one has a set schedule. As a recruiter, you must look for candidates that won’t have a problem doing more than the job description they are applying for, as well as a free time schedule.

It is easy to spot the candidate that won’t fit these criteria. It will ask several questions about the shift hours, vacations and paid holidays.

Sometimes in resorts, it is common to encounter some difficult clients and we should remember they are always right! No matter what. The important part is how your staff can deal with the issue or problem.

You can start by asking the candidate how she or he would react in a hypothetical situation when nothing worked out. Once the candidate’s answer is to take care of the customer first, you know he or she fits this trait.

Be Cool
Another important trait in the hospitality industry is to maintain cool while doing different things at the same time, one always should appear calm no matter what and more if the role involves customer service. So, when recruiting, ask the candidate to give you an example of how to deal with multitasking in a fast-paced environment.

Now, if you really want to know how the candidate is, arrange a trial for him or her. It will be the best test so you can get enough insight if the candidate fits the role.

Hope you find these skills useful for the next time you interview a resort candidate. If you are a candidate looking for a resort vacancy, please send us your resume to resumes@global-recruiters.com and our recruitment department will get in touch with you to find out about the latest job opportunities offer at Corporate Recruiters.

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