Balancing Life: Professional vs Personal and Online vs Offline

Balancing Life: Professional vs Personal and Online vs Offline

No matter how involved we are in our business or companies, it is necessary to keep a healthy balance between the professional and private lives. To maintain this two balance has become incredible difficult as technology keeps evolving, however, establishing boundaries and settings aside for your most importance needs is possible.

With more employees lurking in social profiles and more people oversharing online, it just makes sense to keep some things private. Nevertheless, it is worth the try; here are some tips that have helped others to figure to create a positive ambiance in both places.

1. Disconnect from work five minutes before leaving
A great exercise to leave the office mood at work is to disconnect five minutes before leaving the office. This way one can start switching moods and avoid taking all the work stress to home. It will be easier to engage in non-work- related activities and it will help to rest better for next day.

2. Define oneself as something other than work
Work is an important part of one’s identity; therefore it is important to define a non-work ethic. Engage in activities that you enjoy like a hobby, and if they can be shared with non-work friends, even better! Also, take vacations or stay-cations, otherwise the consequences of burnout can translate into health issues.

3. To use each network for a specific purpose
This seems to be a pretty safe and standard approach for a lot of people. After all, LinkedIn was not created to share as much as personal information that is expected on Facebook. Let your professional contacts know that you prefer LinkedIn to do business, and warn them that you won’t accept them as a Facebook friend.

4. To create separate Facebook: A personal profile and brand page
It is better to maintain a private account and a company page. This way it is clear that the brand page is for professional networking only; one can even customized url and set the proper personality of the brand.

5. Drive business contacts to Twitter
Twitter is the perfect platform for professional networking and Facebook for personal relationship is ideal. Twitter works best as a public forum, this is solid approach. The only downside to this option is that it lacks the infrastructure to expand on the business information and history.

6. Fix Facebook’s Privacy Settings
Fix the privacy settings on Facebook to help you maintain a healthy separation. With these new options one can decide which group of friends sees what in order to feel safer when posting.

7. To take the whole private life offline
Nowadays, we have given up a lot of the privacy. We should just try to live every moment with the people we care and treasure those moments. At the end, we should connect with people face to face and not forget this. There’s nothing better than spend quality moment with your beloved ones.