Bleisure Effect: Mixing Business with Pleasure

Bleisure Effect: Mixing Business with Pleasure

Have you heard the world bleisure? It has become a trend word within the travel industry, it means to combine a business trip with leisure and it seems that nowadays businessmen are taking the time to have fun during their trips.

It seems that for today’s executive the line between work and leisure has become very blurry. This is specially seen in people who travel to other countries, hotels have included off-work activities to compensate the time they miss during international flights.

Of the travelers who extend their work trips, a high percentage is joined by someone else for the leisure part. Meaning that businessmen are willing to spend more on meals, flights and accommodation.

When are the travelers considering taking a bleisure trip?

Location of the trip
The further travelers go, the more likely they will extend their trip, also if it is the first time for the travelers in that city.

The closer to the weekend…
Usually to get a weekend overnight flight may result in a cheaper airfare ticket, so why not take advantage of such a deal.

Cost to extend the trip
Usually, a business trip is three days long including some basic expenses covered by the company. Sometimes, companies let their employees take a trip without using many vacation days and depending of the company’s policy, some extra expenses might be covered by it.

Leisure and business travel brands are learning to capitalize this new opportunity, by offering special packages that could inspire travelers to convert their business trip into a bleisure getaway.

For most of the employers, this trip means a job perk, therefore it increases employee’s satisfaction and could translate in a more loyal and happy worker. Also, it is a way to recharge batteries and become a more productive employee.

If hospitality companies pay special attention to this opportunity, it can magnify the spectrum of customers. Moreover, it can position your company as a trendsetter.


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