F&B Trends for Luxury Resorts in 2017

F&B Trends for Luxury Resorts in 2017

Food and beverages have become an important feature for all the luxury travelers. To discover the destination from a food point of view let customers experience the richness in each culture and to really immerse into the travel experience.

More and more hotels and resorts have understood the importance of good quality food and drinks to fulfill the culinary experiences for travelers. Here are the most important trends for this season:

Local sourcing
To offer products from the local community gives travelers a better sense of the destination they are visiting. Now travelers can find local crafted beer and wines, menus are created according to the seasonal production.

This is a great platform for local suppliers to show the quality of the products.

Luxury resorts have put an extra effort in signature cocktails. They hire renown bartenders to create exclusive drinks for their clients so they can savor delicious dishes with unique drinks that are elaborated with distinctive ingredients.

International gastronomic events
Also, it is very trendy to organize international gourmet events in the resorts so guests can have the opportunity to meet world-class chefs. Also, some resorts give the option to experience cooking classes with top chefs and learn the best tips from them.

Guests can be part of a behind the scene look while a renowned chef prepares a multi-course meal for them in their suite- a once-in-a-life experience.

Know your guests’ tastes
As in other hotel strategies, this is a very important point for the property’s Executive Chef. Every culinary detail must become an experience for your visitant, since they already know what to expect from a regular restaurant.

Remember to talk to your market through new proposals that can satisfy their exquisite palate while providing a worth sharing their experience for social media.

Don’t forget the basics
And while almost nothing is impossible to offer nowadays, it is very important to maintain the basics and offer a quality stay that can be remember for ages to come. A great service and smiley server will never be misplaced by a sophisticated culinary experience. Always forget to offer an impeccable customer service.

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