Hiring Tips: Top 5 Traits for Successful Hotel Managers

Hiring Tips: Top 5 Traits for Successful Hotel Managers

It is well known that a high-end luxury hotel is the epiphany of great service around the world. Luxury hotels have to continue benchmarking each other in order to continue with their extraordinary services, because of that the assessment of the management staff is key to keep up with the high standards.

As the head of a hotel, you need to look for the right resources to make the business work and ensure customer satisfaction. General Managers are the ones who are involved in running the operations, coordinating the different departments, giving guests the best experience, and matching the sales/revenue goals -one of the main or most important profile in a diamond property.

This leader has to be available all the time for any problem that could be presented, as well ad monitoring the staff and presenting reports to the owner. Furthermore, he/she is charge of approving special rates and authorizing promotions.

What to look for when hiring a General Manager?

1. Financial skills
He/she must know the basics of finances when managing a hotel in order to avoid any tremendous mistakes. Good management of resources is an important task for the profile: the GM must be able to establish rates, have an idea of the sales that have to be reached, as well as to plan hotel’s budget for a year.

2. Great interpersonal skills
The General Manager will have to deal with the entire hotel’s staff and departments, therefore, the candidate should be able to have a certain understanding of the different profiles required in the property. He/she must have an outstanding communication ability in order to maintain all the personnel on the same page and motivate them.

3. Dynamic oriented
The General Manager will have to deal with several issues at the same time as they are required to oversee the operations of the hotel. He must be on top of every issue regarding the property; from maintenance to customer service.

4. Technological oriented
Since, nowadays the hospitality industry continues to rely more on technological tools, it is imperative for GMs to know the basics of these systems. They need to understand how the property management and guest feedback systems work in order to monitor the overall performance of the staff.

5. Always keep the hotel in mind
Hire someone who will always look for the best interest of the company and will be a team player for the company the whole time.

Keep in mind that a happy and confident GM will encourage their employees to keep up the great work at your property and maintain a high-standard of hospitality culture.

Source: HMG Hotels Blog


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