Building the Ideal Team for a Luxury Property

Building the Ideal Team for a Luxury Property

Luxury hotels can represent a challenge for the Human Resources department, the staff has to be comfortable enough to interact with VIP guests and also delivering an unforgettable service to every guest.

Moreover, clients of chic hotels are also looking for a great and special experience, becoming a little bit demanding. One can have the best facilities and a great F&B department, but without the right staff it won’t work out.

So, how can you assure that you are putting together the right staff for an upscale hotel? We have gathered several advices that could help you through the process:

Position roles understanding
The first thing is to understand each of the roles you need for your hotel, try writing a list with skills and traits you want. Determine the personal, managerial and global competencies to evaluate during the recruiting process (to learn more ask us for our competencies pyramid).

Hospitality sensibility over experience
A crucial quality is to hire people with the right sensibility for the hospitality industry, eventually any required skill can be learnt. Look for people willing to learn with a strong work ethic and are committed to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Company culture match
Although someone might seem perfect for the job, you need to evaluate how he or she will fit in your existing team. Think of the overall dynamic between all your employees and most importantly, in times in crisis.

Brand training
Once you have chosen the right people, it is time to start the training. Put together a program that could combine different learning styles while understanding the brand’s personality.

A great way to get to really understand and learn the brand’s personality is to bring staff from other properties and location can be a great addition to the learning process. Also, encourage your staff to act independently.

Of course, you will have to assess many other things before taking a decision, but this list could be a start to take a more executive direction. To learn more about our services, visit our services page or contact us at


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