3 Wellness Trends for Luxury Hotels in 2017

3 Wellness Trends for Luxury Hotels in 2017

Wellness trends are now mainstream in luxury hospitality, and it is becoming more prevalent in the upper-upscale category properties. The task for hotels is finding new ways to motivate guests to do what they say they desire to do and to provide a new travel experience that will last beyond their stay.

Hotels are associating with well-known third parties in the wellness industry to attract health-conscious guests. From serving fresh, organic food to embracing local communities, here are three ways the hospitality industry is adopting wellness trends to create thriving, healthy spaces for guests:

1. Offer wellness cuisine

While guests are looking to live, and eat better, Food and Beverages are in a great position to deliver healthier options for guests.

The idea of good food has many characteristics that fits into both conservation and wellness. For example, if it is made with local and organic ingredients; uses innovative techniques for preparation –like less water, and they are prepared by celebrity chefs.

2. Have spaces dedicated to wellbeing

To provide physical spaces and gadgets dedicated to these trends, whether it is a yoga mat or a spin bike, it can become a unique opportunity to offer positive experiences for customers.

Rather than offer a single fitness room, guests can use equipment in a gym, attend a class or use in-room options for exercise – A great idea for those who are in business trips!

3. Healthy snack options

Travellers that are on business trips are a great opportunity to keep them on track when it comes to eating clean. Now that more guests are interested in eating healthy, it is the hotel’s responsibility to offer them great food and drink options that simplifies wellness practices. One great way to achieve this could be having a vending machine with healthy snacks!

Know that people are aware of the ways they can achieve a healthier lifestyle, hotels should respond to this opportunity. Provide your guests with a wide range of options to achieve a wellness lifestyle, they will remember your brand!

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