How to Optimize Your Hotel’s Social Media Profile

How to Optimize Your Hotel’s Social Media Profile

The basic idea of marketing is to get your product seen by the people who purchase or consume it. While the base idea is easy enough to understand the process of making it happen is a whole other ball of wax. Since most businesses depend more on their online clients than the walking traffic they see on a daily basis, learning some basic SEO is crucial. Once you get the basics down and you can understand that being #1 in Google for more than just your name is the goal. Having well written social media pages can help dramatically especially when you give them consistency of information and keywording.

First and foremost you need to optimize your Facebook page. I know this seems basic but some people think that they keywords they have in the code will help with Google and while it does, it’s not as strong as people think. Google search isn’t rocket science, it’s just a perfect balance of common sense and math working to give the best results per user. Granted learning what Google is can be extremely difficult and confusing but once you do you will be an SEO master. When optimizing for Google’s search you only need to focus on the Facebook page name, short description, number of likes and number of people talking about the page. More often than not, Facebook pages with a keyword in the name will rank higher on Google for that keyword. Again this may sound like common sense but until you print it, someone might not be able to see it.


Next two profiles to work on would be LinkedIn and Twitter. For Twitter, if you use this medium then you need to be aware of what information Google search is going to use to rank you with. Considering Twitter is a well used format the search will pull the profile name, user name, number of followers, number of photos/videos, number of tweets and a recent tweet. So to come up tops for a keyword in Google search you need to have the keyword in the profile name or username. Now to optimize hotel’s LinkedIn profile you need to know that Google uses the company page name and description for their results. LinkedIn profiles with their targeted keyword in the page name usually rank higher.

Last but not least, you must log out of all of your profiles completely to see how your profile will appear on the web. By seeing what information Google uses in their search results you can learn how to get your hotel listed higher in the results. Then to help bring things full circle be sure when you use more than one different social media sites to be consistent with the information. Information should match across the spectrum of sites that you use. You shouldn’t talk about your restaurant on one profile description and leave it out of another. It is inconsistencies like these that Google catches and punishes one or more sites for possibly being fake, out-dated or unused.

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