Summer’s Checklist to Retain Hotel Guests

Summer’s Checklist to Retain Hotel Guests

There’s nothing better than to maintain your customers and to keep them happy with the service you provide. To do so, you also must build brand loyalty, but how do you reach that? It turns out, that although a big marketing budget helps, the small things make all the difference for guests during their holidays.

Therefore, we have created a list with our top tips to achieve loyalty this summer.

Signature amenities
What a great way to be welcomed to a place that with a nice and personalized treat! It is a great opportunity to express how important this guest is for your hotel and how happy you are for being their host.

It can be accompanied by a handwritten letter from the Concierge or even the Hotel Manager. Also, we recommend it to be something typical from your hotel’s country; from national candies and desserts to savory drinks.

Good service never goes out of style
Care for your guests and think like them, this will help when trying to figure out which amenities have to be in the hotel’s rooms. Always, provide to your guests all the things you wish you had received during your last holidays.

Likewise, treat your guests like family! Remember they are away from home, and by offering a warm stay, you can make all the difference. Give them tips about the destinations; top restaurants, best attractions to visit, dishes they should try, etc.

Data for preferences’ profiling
After someone’s first visit, remember his or her special details. For example, if she was a vegetarian, keep that in mind for her next visit and offer her special vegetarian menus.

Once you get to meet a guest, you can provide a more personalized experience next time. There are some computer programs that help you keeping track of all these little details, so you can be the best host.

Improving experience through feedback
This is a very important point, by doing a quick survey during the check out, you are pointing out their opinion is very important to you and you will do everything that is in your hands, to enhance the experience they had.

Hope these few tips help you to build ongoing relationship with guests.


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