Steps to Improve your Hotel’s TripAdvisor Performance

Steps to Improve your Hotel’s TripAdvisor Performance

If you are into the hospitality industry or your business serves travelers of any kind, you
will know how important is the travel site TripAdvisor for customers’ purchase decision.

According to TripBarometer, 76 percent of travelers trust on online review and ratings sites for final decisions. Moreover, 93% of travelers have shared that their reservations decisions are persuaded by online reviews. Furthermore, 51 percent of people around the world have written an online review of a hotel or accommodation after their visit.

Here are some action points for hoteliers to improve on TripAdvisor for a better online presence.

Monitor and respond to reviews
The voice of the guest is becoming more and more prominent online. It is imperative to know what people is saying about your service and then interact with them, to let know prospective guests how much you care about online feedback.

To monitor and respond to online feedback should be a top priority in your marketing and brand strategy; there is a huge opportunity to create response standards and methods to help win and retain guests.

Gather and evaluate review numbers
Online reviews contain a lot of information about guests consistently saying or evaluating about your property. This is an excellent source to know what to improve and what products and services are working in your hotel. This information can help you personalize guest experience for repeat guests –knowing what guests like about your resort is the first thing for delivering the perfect experience.

Request more opinions
Every hotel should have an automatic guest satisfaction evaluations solution that emails every guest asking for feedback after the guest checks out. With a digital questionnaire you can combine data with your online reviews to get a full picture of your guest satisfaction. Finally, the more information you can get about guest experience, you will get more experience and your ratings will go higher than ever.

Acquire competitive information
Online questionnaires are not only a great source of information for your property, but also a great tool for benchmark. Since all the information is public, you can measure your service and hotel’s satisfaction with your main competitors’ result. It will help you analyze the points that help you stand out from the crowd.

Budget for data-based improvements
We’ve talked how helpful are the sentiment analysis solution to see potential opportunity areas. Some of these reports can be expensive, nevertheless they are very helpful when you need to demonstrate and prove to your bosses that they are constant issues that are hurting online reputation and the travelers’ experience.

TripAdvisor takes review verification very seriously
Therefore, do not try to boost your rating by writing fake reviews and comments, or asking someone else to do it as part of your marketing strategy. TripAdvisor reviews every comment through filters for integrity and moderation issues. This an important website that has to be taken seriously.

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