Travelers’ Favorite Apps of 2017

Travelers’ Favorite Apps of 2017

Planning a trip used to be a headache in the past, but nowadays travelers have tons of tools to make it a breeze. As a hotel or resort executive, one must be updated with these new mobile tools available to boost your brand.

This app searches for the best and most affordable options through different travel partners. Travelers can search for the cheapest dates to fly through a determined month view, one can also set up alerts to announce the drop of prices. Also, it lets you explore destinations based on the best deals from your closest airports.

Hotel Tonight
This app is a reliable service that offers last minute deals. The company says it has partnered with many hotels that offer discounts on empty rooms.

Mobile Passport
This app is officially authorized by the United States of America and it gives you the chance to skip the line when entering the country. Travelers just need to check before arriving to the airport if it accepts this new app.

This relatively new Google tool lets users plan all their itinerary from just one platform. It stores the flight tickets, car rentals and hotel bookings. Once having all the information, it puts together an itinerary for the visited destination. A great feature is that it works offline!

The number one platform for reviews. This is a must when searching for places to eat, stay and visit. But the best thing is the number of countries travelers can access. This is a necessary guide for every traveler.

This review platform lets users contribute with opinions and reviews directly from their phone. It is a great source to get to know the destination beforehand. This platform, also gives all the information about the place: opening times, address, recommendations etc.

Mobile usage has come a long way. Nowadays, people are more mobile savvy and looking for information straight away and these apps definitely help.

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