WhatsApp to Launch Customer Service Platform

WhatsApp to Launch Customer Service Platform

WhatsApp recently announced the launching of a new app where customers will have the opportunity to interact with small businesses. This notification comes after the company announced the new verified business accounts, where big companies will have the chance to manage conversations with customers; from light times to updates and notifications on shipments.


These business accounts will have a green badge next to them, while customers will have a yellow notification every time they receive a yellow notification.


Some hotels and travel agents already use WhatsApp as a tool to communicate with their guests, therefore this new tool will make our a lot more life easy. It is said that more than 1.3 billion people are on the top chat app, changing the way users interact with each other on a daily basis.

According to WhatsApp, its new program for businesses will charge large companies that want a verified account and access to an automated tool for helping answer multiple requests. Right now, the company is testing out this new feature with a limited number of companies but it hasn’t confirmed the launching date for the mass use.

Indeed, to add WhatsApp to a Customer Service related activity will become a big opportunity for this sector to develop new ways of communicating with each target audience. Commercial Messaging has become one of the fastest sector to develop within digital marketing; Deloitte reported that the use of instant message has doubled over the last three years, and with free messaging as part of the monthly mobile data contract, it has become available for almost everyone.

Many cultures are making their preferred messaging app their second home screen, spending 80% of their mobile time of three prefered apps, it was about time for customer service teams to integrate this new way of communication as part as their tools for an effective communication strategy.

Moreover, WhatsApp allows customers to find about the products and services outside the website at anytime (including before and after working hours). All conversations are stored and they provide invaluable data about your customers and clients.

This new app with definitely change the way customer service is managed, hopefully it will provide a better experience for customers worldwide.

Source: Venture Beat

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